1984-1990 AND 1997-2013 (C4, C5 AND C6)

Customize your favorite car, and show it off at the next Corvette event, with a set of exclusive one of  kind Corvette accessories, Dead Centers. As important as it is to find unique products for your car, it is essential to find quality parts that won’t lose their appeal over time.  Dead Centers will never tarnish fade or rust and are available in matte, mirror finish, or standard Corvette body colors to match, or contrast with your cars color.

We commit 20% of gross profits to veterans groups, women’s shelters and a 3rd, annually chosen cause.

In further appreciation for your support of the Foundation and its efforts, we pay both shipping and your sales tax on all our products.  Thank you, thank you very much.


All Dead Centers are pre-curved to fit your lens.

Our exclusive one of a kind Corvette accessories are designed, manufactured, assembled, and shipped 100% in and from North Carolina, USA. Nothing, including the sweeping broom, is used for any purpose in the Foundation, that originated in the large east asian nation.

You can help decide the next Dead Center product,

contact us through the contact section at the bottom of the page.

There are probably 3 dozen customizable elements in the C4, C5, and C6s.

All suggestions will be considered. If your suggestion is chosen, you will get the first one Free with our thanks. 

What should we do next?


C4 & C6 Installation

1:   Carefully clean your tail light lenses finishing with a simple degreaser like alcohol for best results.

2:  Remove the protective tape from the left and right adhesive strips.

3:  Carefully hold the Dead Center up to your taillight lens without touching it and align it as you want it. Then press it against the lens and  hold both sides down snugly for 10 seconds.

Repeat 3 more times.

THEN:  Stand back and admire the cool.


1:  Carefully clean your taillight lenses finishing with a simple degreaser like alcohol for best results.

2: Remove the stock bolts, insert them through the Dead Center first, then one of the supplied washers.

3:  Attach your Dead Center set them snugly but not overtight.

Repeat 3 more times.

THEN:  Stand back and admire the cool.

ABOUT Dead Centers

Exterior accessories of some materials can fade or become brittle with exposure to freeze thaw cycles, or may even split or break if overtightened. Your Dead Centers are made of Prime 304 stainless which won’t tarnish, fade, or, rust, and is stronger and more durable than any aluminum, including 6061.

It’s true, thought that Aluminum is a better electrical conductor. Learn more in the comparison below.


If you prefer to have your Dead Centers painted, the colors we offer are not just ‘similar to’ your cars colors, they are the original paint code for your car, or a contrasting Corvette color, as you like, including flat black. Be sure to send the code you want.


Prime 304 stainless


Does not become brittle with seasonal temperature changes.


Impervious to UV, will not peel, pit, fade, rust. As near to carefree as practical


Every stage of our process, from design through shipping is under the eyes and hands of our committed professionals.


The foundation supports veterans groups, women’s shelters, and selected others. We provide support to them to the tune of 20% of gross profits, in two ways. The first is, to the degree possible, contracting exclusively, with the same groups for work in preparing and shipping products.

But more importantly, we sponsor and mentor their entrepreneurship, helping them turn their ideas into life supporting businesses.




Dead Center, and ‘in your sights’, are symbolic of having goals, focusing on them, and of reaching your goals exactly as you planned; dead center.

Veterans and women’s shelters are deserving people not high on most people’s radar. We’ve been looking for a way to really help them. It was in the back of my mind in bed one morning when I was not quite asleep, and not really awake yet, thinking about more ways to  personalize my C5 without cutting into the skin. The idea of using a reticule, or crosshairs, for a taillight bezel, just drifted into my mind. 

The more I thought about it and whether it could be done, should be done, and whether I could do it practically, the more awake I became. I got up, started the coffee, and went out to the garage to measure, and figure. When I drew up a sketch, and showed it around, it was apparent that some others would think our exclusive one of a kind Corvette accessories were cool too. If you are one of them, get in touch and let us know how you want yours to look, and then, let them know they are “In Your Sights”.

Assembly Shipping Area

The assembly/shipping area of the Foundation
– with the Chief Designer looking in.





Yes it’s true, the foundation did start in a cliche.

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